About Us

dennispangsurfboards.com is a leader in the world of sports. We offer various services to sportsmen’s and everyone interested in sports. Our services include;

Nutritional advice

Courtesy of our nutritionists we help sportsmen to adopt the right feeding habits critical for their success. The nutritionist will take you through what you need to eat before and after exercise and when going for competition.

Sporting tips

Each game has its trick and secrets. We will be at your service when you need tips and tricks to succeed in the sport. Our team of experts has extensive training and exposure that can be shared to both upcoming and seasoned sportsmen’s to get their career to the ranks.

Unbiased reviews

Each game has its own set of equipment, clothing and other items. We rely on trusted sources to offer unbiased reviews of this equipment and accessories. We also provide advice on the best supplements for those interested in health supplements.