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What Is The Most Effective Leg Workout

Often you can go to the gym, quickly look around and enjoy the fitness of some men pumping iron; however, if you are scared, although for a moment looking down. Most of these men will have chick-sized legs. The fact is that footwork is not essential, and that very thin legs are standard in many […]

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What Do Marathon Runners Wear

If you have signed up for a marathon that is about to begin and you are wondering the kind of running gears to put on, then you are at that right place. Read this article to understand what marathon runners are expected to Wear. 1. Shoes and socks You need to be careful when choosing […]

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When Did The Running Boom Start

The United States is believed to be the first country to experience a running boom in the 1970s and1980s. Around 25 million people took part in competitively running and jogging for purposes of getting fit and also recreation. The-then President Jimmy Carter was not left behind on this. It oversaw the rise of many shoe […]

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