Cannabis And Exercise Go Hand-in-hand For Some Fitness Buffs

As a runner who is enthusiastic with several marathons under the belt, Simon is very familiar with runner’s high. He also has an experience in being on the race while high. The long-time weed smoker confesses that he routinely smokes before going for a run; hence, it is a behavior which he states has developed to be part of his enduring training.

The athlete says that smoking weed assist him in keeping alert, hence, he confesses that it could be bad if one is not in a better position of dealing with any pain.check over here

The Reality

The use of weed while exercising goes on hand in hand with some fitness buffs. Several experts think that smoking while exercising slows down motor skills and reflexes. It is also likely to kill the morale of a person to compete in a race.


However, most athletes like Simon say that they only use enough of marijuana to assist them in relaxing and concentrating on the goal at hand. Simon normally smokes weed in the middle of the run while in the process of training and reserves keeps part of the weed for the 30 kilometer mark of the race daily. He confesses that he tackles several full marathons while high and it includes the Hamilton marathon which took place in 2017.

Is Marijuana Really Helpful?

Weed interacts well with various receptors in the body. It helps people who have a problem of being attentive to be more attending. It also helps people to focus during exercise. However, before one uses marijuana while exercising, it is advisable for them to consult a professional.


One of the most imperative things that should be put into consideration about weed is that one should consume little and slow. It also depends on the method that one is using for them not to ingest a lot of cannabis, which in the long-run have dire consequences.