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What are anti blister socks

Blisters can be painful and uncomfortable. Most people will get blisters at least once in their lifetime. Blisters are caused by heat and friction when you run, walk lost distances and when you switch your shoes. Anti Blister Socks are special types of socks that manage moisture, regulates temperatures and reduce friction on your feet. […]

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The Health and Fitness Benefits of Sport

The term sport is familiar to many, but only a few make good senses from its meaning. To many, it refers to a competition which is not the case. Sport relates to any activity that engages your body physically. And there’re a lot of benefits that one reaps from participating in sports. Maybe your doctor […]

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Prepare Your Knees For Running

Most runners are tempted to hit the trail directly without warming up; this is usually the case if the weather is conducive. Taking time to prepare your body and most important your knees for the run makes the difference between a knee injury and a perfect race. Warm up knee exercises do not take long. […]

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How To Get Better In Dunking

Most people think increased vertical leaps can help one be better in dunking. Though this might assist, dunking isn’t about physical fitness alone; mental conditioning is also vital for thunderous slams. Many ballers can jump high but are very poor in unique dunks such as windmill or 360s. We will share with you practical ways […]

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