How To Choose A Beginners Golf Set

It is always exciting to start a new sport and equally exciting to shop for new stuff for the game. However, golf is not like any other sport because it’s quite expensive and complex and needs adequate planning to have the right golf set without breaking your bank.

As a rule of thumb, it’s better to under-spend when buying your first set of clubs than overspending, because it’s easier to upgrade with time.

The golfer you admire so much on TV started somewhere and the reason they become successful is having the right information. If you are aspiring to be like them, here is the information you need on how to choose a beginner’s golf set.

Identify your golf goals

Golfing can be expensive and before shopping for the right golf set, start by identifying realistic goals as this will help you to spend your hard-earned money appropriately. For instance, if you are taking up the game to play with your brother during your family gathering which happens once a year, there’s no need to spend your effort, time or money on picking out clubs.


If you are enthusiastic about golf and you’d want to play every time you get a chance, invest more resources when searching for the perfect clubs.

Decide whether you need individual clubs or a complete set

You can either purchase individual clubs or a complete set. The decision is entirely yours. As much as both options are okay, there are important things you need to know in order to make the right choice. First things first, buying individual clubs could be more costly than buying a complete set and because you are just starting up, consider the entire set and save some cash.

Again, buying individual clubs is time-consuming given that you’ll have to move from one shop to another looking for a specific club.

On the other hand, buying individual clubs is a great idea for anyone with a fixed budget as it will save some money. Therefore, the choice between a complete set and individual clubs is all about budget and personal preferences. Weigh your options and decide what to buy.

Type of clubs you need in a set

A first-time golfer should have a clear understanding of the types of best starter golf clubs that can make a full set. The good news is that a full set of golf clubs for beginners should have wedges, irons, hybrid, fairway woods, and putters.

beginner golfers walking the greens

If you ask many golfers, they will be quick to tell you that they carry up to 14 clubs in their bags although 12 are also recommendable. It is equally important to understand that the number of every type of club in a set varies from one person to another and therefore, you should make an individual decision depending on your style of play.

Understand shaft options

A first-time golfer always wants to do everything right and you should understand the basics of golf shafts which can be shaft composition and shaft flex.

Shaft composition can either be graphite or steel, and shaft flex explains how much the shaft is likely to bend during the swing.

Being lighter, graphite helps to generate swing speed although it could be more expensive than steel. Again, seniors and women benefit from graphite shafts with a softer flex and you should consider that if you fall under those groups. A young strong man can go with regular or stiff shafts and have a great golfing experience.

New or used

Playing golf for the first time comes with responsibilities and you should decide whether to buy new or used clubs, both of which are available and the choice depends on your personal preferences. For instance, you can buy used clubs if you are not sure how long you’ll commit yourself to golf, as this will save you money and it will be easier to replace them in the future without breaking the bank.


On the other hand, new clubs are durable, high-quality and expensive and you should consider them if you’ll be playing golf regularly. As a rule of thumb, beginners are advised to start with used clubs and upgrade as they get used to the game.

Bottom line

Golf is an exciting sport and if you want to find happiness when playing, ensure that you invest your time and effort on choosing the right golf set. Well, finding the best the golf set can be overwhelming especially for beginners, but this article will guide you as you shop for something you’ll be proud of. As a rule of thumb, asking for recommendations from other golfers and reading customer reviews on individual clubs will ensure that you get the right equipment for your money.