How To Get Better In Dunking

Most people think increased vertical leaps can help one be better in dunking. Though this might assist, dunking isn’t about physical fitness alone; mental conditioning is also vital for thunderous slams. Many ballers can jump high but are very poor in unique dunks such as windmill or 360s. We will share with you practical ways that can help improve your basketball dunking skills.

One must have a proper grasp of the ball besides developing the right muscles required for dunking. This will ensure that the baller has control over the ball and their surroundings when they take a 180 or360 spin. It is essential for a baller to practice maintaining control when making a 360 spin or making a one-handed dunk without palming the ball.


To improve your dunking skills, you must be dedicated to practice. Dunking tips are irrelevant if you do not commit to exercise hard. Head movements are the most crucial aspect when practicing dunking. How you spin your head determines how best your dunks will be.

As you spin make sure turn your head in the direction of the rim. The entire body will follow suit. This may sound easy, but it will come after a long session of practice.

How you plan the ball matters regarding excellent dunking. Most individuals know that one-handed dunks are only reserved for the tall guys. This isn’t the case. If you are short in stature, you must hold the ball with your two hands first before a jump, and then move the ball up along your body. Extend your arms to the point slightly higher than the rim and then dunk the ball.

Dunking the ball with two hands is relatively harder than a palmed ball. You cannot jump high enough when you are holding your ball with two hands. With a palmed ball, it is easier to hide the ball from your opponent by stretching your body to the maximum.


If you want to dunk the ball on the defenders face, extend the arm that doesn’t have the ball inform of you as you go against the rim. The defender will find it difficult to reject. This movements accord you the best position. If you extend the arm holding the ball further, you can hide the ball from the defender before dunking the ball on his face. This act will scare him the next time he tries rejecting you.

If you are not as strong as the defender, but you have a strong body, you can dunk with two hands. In this case, you will overshadow the defender by pushing their body away as you get nearer to the rim for a dunk.

To succeed dunking the ball with two hands if possible hide the ball behind your head. Positioning is very critical for successful dunks. If you have a defender of the same stature consider your positioning since making a dunk is such cases is most difficult.