How to Use Auto Mask in Lightroom to Make Your Photos Shine

For photo editors and enthusiasts, Lightroom is one of the best tools which can assist you to achieve the various goals. You might be having a photo whose features such as color and size might not be appealing to you. For you to adjust all these features, you can trust Lightroom.

Many photographers continuously appreciate the essential role Lightroom plays in the world of photography. Perhaps one of the most fantastic features of this tool is the Auto Mark.

Understanding Auto Mark

For you to access this feature, you need to navigate through the Develop module in adobe lightroom. Afterwards, you will have to click on the Adjustment Brush tool. Here, you can do a lot of stuff. You can alter the various specifications of your photo such as exposure, contrast and sharpness among others. The best thing with this feature is that you are in a position to alter the specific parts of the photo rather that interfering with the whole image.


If you want to create your own adjustments, you need to move the sliders or select the multiple brush features. After that, you are required to drag the image and execute these adjustments. Sometimes, you can make errors in the process of making the changes. You do not need to panic. You just require to undo the various modifications. It is that easy.

Using the feature

If you want to alter the particular parts of the image, you need to navigate to the Adjustment Brush Panel. From there, you will have to select a preset depending on your desired preferences. For the best outcomes, you will have to adjust the size of the brush. Afterwards, you need to tick the Auto Mask Feature.

At the bottom of the Develop widow, you will see the option of “Show selected mask overlay”. Click on this option. This will assist you in seeing where your adjustments will be applied.

Finish off the process to ensure that your photo shines. In case you make any mistake, you have an option of undoing the process. Repeat this procedure to the various parts you want to adjust.

The process is swift and does not take more than one minute even for the beginners. Sometimes you may want to achieve better results over a short duration of time. To accomplish this, you can always increase the size of your Adjustment Brush. That way, you can instantly apply any adjustment to the whole picture in a very short time. It is such a fantastic feature.

Graduated Filter option

This option is commonly used in complex architectural designs. After selecting this option, you need to click the brush option at the top of the panel. It is located just next to the edit option.


Here you can adjust the various features of the architectural design such as color, clarity and appearance depending on your preferences.However, for you to enjoy this, you need to be on the current versions of Lightroom. Ensure that you have the Version 6 or the Creative Cloud Plan.Lightroom will always continue to beat rivals as one of the most powerful editing tools.