Is Spinning Better Than Running

If you are looking for the best workout program to assist in getting in good body shape, one question that will keep crossing your mind is, which is the best workout between running and spinning. This is a very complicated process that requires deep understanding.

We have some factors that come in play in deciding the method is superior, by looking into some of these factors you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.

Cardio improvement


One of the factors you will consider is a cardio improvement. You will want to look into the method that will improve your cardio fitness levels. So which is a better option between spinning and running? Both are good for your cardiovascular improvement; you can, therefore, do either, one that you find to be comfortable with you.find more info at

Strength improvement

Strength is another thing to put into consideration. When you consider the machines that are used in these two workouts, they tend to favor spinning. The good thing with spinning is that one can add resistance unlike with running; this means one will get much lower benefits for strengthening.

For the case of running, you are likely to run uphill, but you are not going to see the same effect if resistance likes you would experience when you are spinning a bike.

Calories burned

The number of calories burned is another factor to determine if you are going to do spinning or running. This is primarily identified with his hard you are going with your exercise. If you are hard on your training, then you are likely to burn more calories irrespective of the method used, spinning or running.


Running is slightly preferred to spinning when it comes to burning more calories, although the difference is minimal when compared to spinning.These are factors to consider when you want to decide whether to go for spinning or do running.