Things You Can do in Houston With Friends

After having a long week dealing with noisy neighbors, unbearable bosses, and traffic jam, it’s a great idea to have a break of all these by going on a vacation with friends and family. However, there are so many beautiful places you can enjoy and you’ll be spoilt of choices on where to go. But, we care so much about you and we will help you narrow down your choices by choosing to go to Houston. Houston is a beautiful place with a rich history, exquisite attractions, and exceptional eateries and here are things you can do with friends.

1. Visit the museum of natural science

It goes without saying that Houston has everything for everyone and whether you live there or you’re just visiting, head to the museum of natural science for real fun. The museum was established in 1909 and has made a place in many people’s hearts and no wonder it’s currently regarded as the most popular museum in North America.


It is loaded with an exceptional collection of space station models, mineral specimens, as well as 60 large skeleton mounts including three large Quetzalcoatlus and four Tyrannosaurus Rex which you and your friends will feast your eyes on.

2. Engage yourselves in escape game Houston

Are you planning to visit Houston with your workmates? If yes, there’s no better way of strengthening teamwork than engaging in an escape game. The Escape Game is located in CityCenter and is definitely number one escape room in huston that offers immersive adventure.

The game is simple; you and your friends are locked in a room and you’re given one hour to find a way out. Escaping requires determination, critical thinking, teamwork and a sense of urgency. Interestingly, there are four games you can choose from depending on your preferences such as Playground, The Heist, Prison Break, and Gold Rush.

After choosing the game that meets your expectations, you’ll have lots of fun and at the end of the day, your teamwork will be better and stronger and you’ll work collectively towards a common goal.

3. Head to space center Houston

When the idea of visiting Houston crosses your mind, all you want is to explore the best and you could never go wrong by heading to space center Houston. The space center is actually one of the topmost attractions in Houston and it’s a home to nearly four hundred artifacts and amazing traveling and permanent exhibits. Both you and your friends will have a wonderful time looking through the collection of interactive consoles and movies in the museum and trust me when I say that you won’t get enough of it. The space center is the home of NASA Mission Control and astronaut training and once you get there, you’ll get an opportunity to go behind the scenes and witness NASA Johnson Space Center which is the place the history was made.

4. Head to Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a large public urban park which is a must-go with friends and family. The place has recently been renovated and has a lot to offer from toddler story time, free yoga classes, regular concerts, and movie nights.


It would be very interesting to rest on a green scenery full of fresh air where you can chat with your friends on the social media thanks to the free WiFi available there or read your favorite novels and inspirational books in the open air reading rooms. If you want to keep active, the place has an area where you’ll borrow balls and games and have fun together.

5. Explore the world from the top of San Jacinto Monument

Do you and your friends keep history close to your hearts? If yes, there’s no better way of exploring the historic world than getting to the top of iconic San Jacinto Monument and Museum. Once you get there, you pay only $4 and the elevator takes you to the top of the monument and your eyes can see the east, west, and northern parts of Houston not forgetting the Houston ship canal. Interestingly, you’ll also get an opportunity to see battleship Texas across the street and don’t forget to take as many group photos as possible to keep as a memoir.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that everybody wants to have the peace of mind regardless of what they do every day to make ends meet. However, life is full of ups and downs and one minute you can be merry and the next minute sad. You should never allow negativity to control you and when you’re feeling down, you should go on a vacation with friends and family to regain your moods and energy. If you don’t know where to go, Houston is a perfect place as it has everything for everyone.