What Do Marathon Runners Wear

If you have signed up for a marathon that is about to begin and you are wondering the kind of running gears to put on, then you are at that right place. Read this article to understand what marathon runners are expected to Wear.

1. Shoes and socks

You need to be careful when choosing the running shoes and socks, especially when it is your first marathon to participate in. Choose a shoe that has padding underfoot to offer protection to your foot.


f possible visit a sports specialty shop where a trained sales associate will guide you on what put on depending on where and when you are going to run. Some shoes are best worn during the cold season while others do well in hot weather. The tread associate can make decision on the kind of shoes and socks to wear after watching you run on a treadmill.

Picking the right shoes is essential for every Marathon runner; the right shoes offer comfort to keep you running. You can look out at This Site

2. Apparel

This is another essential thing to have as a marathon runner. Putting on a running Capris together with a long sleeve helps to prevent chaffing on you.

3. Hydration belt


As much some people will find running with extra gears as unnecessary, having a hydration belt is vital for any marathon runner. Especially if you don’t have water stations on your paths, you will need to pack fuel and hydration.

Sun protection

Sun protection is essential when you are running on a Sunny day. Get the right ones for you. They should be as lightweight as possible and high fit. You can also apply sunscreen to offer extra protection to your body, especially if you have skin problems.

When you are preparing to participate in a marathon, you have to make sure you have these essential gears as they take part in determining your fate.